GMO Basket Letter of Intent

Years ago, Ruth Arvanette initiated the donation of baskets by the GMOs at the annual convention. The primary purpose of the baskets was a “cultural exchange” that would allow the GMOs to express their creativity and regionality. To continue this tradition, GMO baskets will be awarded, through a drawing, to attendees of the Board of Governors General Assembly.

If your GMO plans to donate a basket to be given away during the Adequan®/USDF Annual Convention, submit the letter of intent below.

Keep in mind:

  1. Letters of intent must be submitted by November 10.
  2. All baskets must be clearly marked with the name of the donating GMO.
  3. USDF is not responsible for the shipping, or the cost of shipping, of any GMO baskets. USDF is not responsible for delayed, misdirected, or lost mail, nor is USDF responsible for the contents of the basket.
  4. Include items that are region-specific to your GMO and represent your organization.
  5. Have fun! This is a great opportunity to highlight your regionality.
 Ship Basket will be shipped directly to the convention center prior to the start of convention; shipping information will be emailed to you.
 Deliver Contact person will deliver basket to the USDF registration desk at convention.
Baskets must be at the USDF registration desk NO LATER than noon on Thursday.

Basket Contact

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